Your Home Buying Checklist

Print 1 page per Home Tour

           Checklist provided courtesy of Judy Hudek. Text or call with any questions at 602-300-4838.

Home Address: __________________________________________________

Date Toured: ______________________

No. Bedrooms ________  No. of Bathrooms ____________ 1 or 2 Car Garage: _______

Exterior General Appearance:

Curb appeal Comments: _______________________________________________

Roof Comments: _____________________________________________________

Front Porch: _________________________________________________________

Condition of trees and plants: ___________________________________________

Building Material (siding, brick, etc.) Condition: ______________________________

Condition of other homes in the neighborhood: ______________________________


How busy is the street the home is on: ____________________________________

How far is the home from work? ________________ from school? ______________

from shopping? ___________ from friends and family? _______________________


First thoughts that went through your mind: _________________________________

Run the showers to check water pressure and length of time to get hot water __________(secs) Try out the switches in every room, including any ceiling fans. Comments: ____________________________________________________________________

Open and close all windows and doors. Feel for drafts at the edges. Comments: ____________________________________________________________________

Go up in the attic if possible and check for mold on the insulation (roof leak indicator). Comments: __________________________________________________________

Check bathtubs, tile and under the sinks for mold or signs of repair. Comments: ____________________________________________________________________

Condition of fixtures in kitchen: ____________ in bathroom#1: ____________ in bathroom #2: __________

Condition of flooring in living room: ___________ in dining room: _________ in bedrooms: __________ in kitchen: _____________

Condition of outdoor space: _____________________________________________

Remember that most anything can be repaired but that such repair costs should be taken into account in the offer you make on the house. Once you make an offer, the home inspection will tell you of any issues with the home that you cannot see during a tour and you can renegotiate or withdraw your offer.